Traveling America in a VW Van – pt 6

Traveling America in a VW Van – pt 6

Boulder, CO

Two weeks later and we had finally made it to Boulder! We had some friends to visit and some mountains to explore. We also had a bus to fix but it was Fourth of July weekend so it seemed we had to stay put for a few days. That’s okay, we had plenty to do. We wandered around downtown Pearl St and into all the galleries we could lay our eyes on. Everything we saw was inspired by the mountains that started a few blocks down the road. We met a few very interesting people (probably due to the fact that the Grateful Dead was playing two shows that weekend) who were interested in the bus. Our friends recommended that we eat at the Boulder Tea House, which was hand painted in Tajikistan and gifted to the city. Amazing patterns covered the walls and ceilings in little specks of color. The food and tea was so yummy that we went back twice. Eventually we made it back to our friend’s home to enjoy a comfy and warm bed.

4th of July:

We got to celebrate our 4th climbing on some giant red rocks! Our hike began in downtown Boulder, following the stream all the way to the base of the mountains.

“Hey those look like some cool rocks, wanna climb to the top?”



So we trudged our way up to the top of these magnificent red fins. It was difficult to find a navigable route to the top, especially with a clunky backpack on.

“I’m scared.”

“That’s okay. Keep climbing.”

Eventually I made it to the top, following behind in Conrad’s footsteps. We made a little nook in the rocks and enjoyed the views that surrounded us. In front, we saw all of Boulder and little specks of Denver in the distance. Behind us, we saw the beginning of the Rockies. Happy Independence Day, America. You’re pretty spectacular.


We met some more nice people playing in the rocks who were locals and come here to climb on the weekends. It must be nice to have this kind of adventure so readily available. We read some books and ate some nuts as we watched the light fade around us. It would have been a great place to stay for fireworks, but we worried about the bus because the only thing protecting her was a garbage bag in the window.

The next two days were relaxing as we met up with another friend and drove up to Flagstaff Mountain to watch the sun set. I watched the orange light dance on the mountain peaks before finally slipping behind them for the night. We got some much needed rest before heading out to the mechanic and Rocky Mountain. Our time in Boulder showed us many interesting and kind people, although eclectic may be a better word.

“That’s it”, I decided. “I’m moving to Boulder.”

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